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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs from Ödlitzerberg


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The following pages will inform you about "Luna" and „Alegra", our female 'Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs' which we breed ourselves.
Swiss Mountain Dogs were "Farm dogs" in earlier days. They are very affectionate, they love kids and they are easy-to-care-for! They are very watchful dogs, especially protective about children and women but also peaceful characters, who neither bite easily nor tend to hunt. With their balanced nature they are particularly valued as family dogs


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We educate "Luna" and „Alegra" according to Riko Dogs guidelines. We don't use food, pressure, commands or motivational devices. That means we work with communication instead of commands!



Our Breeding-Principals

Health, character and beauty are the main aspects for breeding. Our goal is to advance the breed and to meet the breeding standards. That requires continuous breeding control as well as good communication with our puppy buyers.
The right choice of dog parents can be time consuming and costly. Our goal is to shape good and stable characters, expose the puppies to as many impressions as possible during the first few weeks after birth and prepare them well for life.
The Puppies live within our family and get a very good socialisation! Right from the beginning we habituate them to kids, cats and other dogs!
Our dogs are part of our family and will remain with us even after their breeding years are over, because this is their home.

Our Breeding Environment

Our puppies a born in our house! We transfer them into our garden, when they are 4 weeks old. We have a large area with kennel and playground just for our dogs. There we confront them carefully with different optical and acoustical stimuli, which we keep changing in turns. We continuously add new impressions for the puppies. After a period of time we receive visitors and we make little excursions with the car e.g. to the Kindergarten. The puppies can move around in the house as well and explore new things like shoes and plants to destroy ;-) and so on and they experience things like the vacuum cleaner, kitchen-noise ect.
Here are some pictures of our puppy - playground:




Sometimes our puppies get visited by strange looking people ...



The greater Swiss Mountain Dogs love children ... thanks to the public school of Pottenstein, especially to Nina Schöller, for the permission to visit her class!

About us

Soon after the death of our previous four-legged friend, we felt that we were missing something and before we realized it we were again looking for a suitable breed for our family which had by now grown up to four. After a little search we lost our heart to a greater Swiss mountain dog named "Luna" and a little later decided to start breeding this especially affectionate race! From our first litter we kept „Alegra", our new family member!

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... Luna and our son Simon



Martina Krumay
Born 11.03.1971

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Richard Krumay
Born 16.06.1970

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Lukas & Simon
Born 1996, 2003

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Lord Ödlitz

Lord Ödlitz

Our dogs

Good Luna von den Gänsewiesen

Alegra vom Ödlitzerberg

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My Mummy is so big

This is MY kennel and
I'm guarding it!

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Mummy shows me
how to be a watchdog

... and I think I'm doing well

"A" Litter (04.08.2008; 11 healthy puppies; 7 female, 4 male)

Breeding bitch: Good Luna von den Gänsewiesen, 2.8.2006
Stud dog: Asso vom Rheinbogen, born 2.1.2005
- International Champion,
- Austrian Champion,
- Croatian & Slovenian Champion

To watch photos of our first litter please refer to the German pages or simply click here!


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Veterinary care
Mag. Dr. med. vet.
Jan Henrich

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